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10 December 2009

Libertarian Joins Race For U.S. Senate In 2010

SWGA Politics points to a campaign announcement from Libertarian Senate candidate Chuck Donovan. Donovan cited dissatisfaction with the Democratic and Republican parties as his main reason for mounting a bid next year.

"Our country, particularly our dollar, is in crisis. The poor leadership and misdirection delivered by the mainstream parties is the cause. A true change is what we need. I think the Libertarian Party is the only party in the world actually offering a valid way out. We are the only ones actually focused on individual liberty with a confidence in our fellow citizens. I share their belief and choice of direction. I furthermore am confident that the weight of history, economics, and morality is on our side," writes Donovan on his campaign webpage.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia nominates its candidates for statewide office at a state convention.