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08 December 2009

Kasim Reed: No New Taxes Without Voter Approval

Fresh off his victory in the Atlanta run-off election, Mayor-elect Kasim Reed promised that he would not raise taxes without voter approval.

During his first news conference since winning the mayor’s office last week, Reed said providing adequate funding for public safety will be his top priority. But if he can’t meet that objective within existing revenues, he said he would go to the city’s voters for approval before attempting any tax hike.

Williams, Dave (2009-12-7). Reed delivers no-tax-hike pledge. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Retrieved on 2009-12-8.

Pledging not to raise taxes is always a sticky wicket for elected officials. Fulfill the pledge amid tough economic times, and government services are likely to be cut. Leave the pledge unfulfilled, and it becomes a campaign issue during the next election.

When it comes to pledges of no new taxes, there can be no winners; only losers.