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17 December 2009

The House Hawks Are About To Be Extinct

Remember the hawks? Those birds of prey that would swoop down and wreak havoc onto any legislative committee at the whim of former House Speaker Glenn Richardson.

Well, it's huntin' season in the House Republican Caucus and the hawks have a big red bulls-eye on their backs.

When Republican lawmakers gather today at the state Capitol to elect a new leader to replace the resigning Richardson and run the GOP-majority House of Representatives, his unusual "hawks" - so called because they could swoop down on any committee meeting to vote on any bill - are likely to go the way of the dodo.

Hawks were just one of the tools Richardson used to impose his will on the House, and they have long irked both Democrats and some rank-and-file Republicans who say they warp the legislative process.

With many Republicans fed up with the power Richardson wielded over the chamber, at least three of the four announced candidates for speaker - Reps. David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge; Larry O'Neal, R-Bonaire; and Tommy Smith, R-Nicholls - have pledged to get rid of hawks. Rep. Bill Hembree, R-Winston, has not taken a position publicly.

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It is a welcome relief that most of the GOP House Speaker candidates are pledging to end the hawks.

The hawks were a bad idea when first instituted in 2005 and the hawks are a bad idea now.