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14 December 2009

Georgia House Dems Should Nominate A Candidate For Speaker

There are seventy-four Democrats in the Georgia House of Representatives. Still, that should not stop the Democratic caucus from nominating one of their own for Speaker of the House.

In the last two elections for House Speaker, Democratic activists have been frustrated at the apparent unwillingness of their representatives to challenge the GOP for leadership positions in the General Assembly.

Now, with the Republicans in disarray, what better way to show the rest of the state that Georgia Democrats are ready to lead than to put forth a candidate for Speaker that stands for open government, transparent government, ending corruption and adhering to high ethical standards.

The Democratic caucus may not have the votes to elect a member of their party, speaker.

That's not the point.

The point is to demonstrate to Georgians that there is an alternative to the corrupt Republican Party; and that alternative is the Democratic Party.