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29 December 2009

Gail Buckner: Karen Handel Is Quitting On The People Of Georgia

The reactions keep coming in to Secretary of State Karen Handel's decision to resign in order to focus full time on her campaign for governor. Today, 2006 Democratic Secretary of State nominee Gail Buckner (D - Jonesboro) issued the following statement in response to Karen Handel's announcement:

“By failing to serve even 75 percent of her four-year term, this is yet another perfect example of how Karen has mishandled the office of Secretary of State. It was obvious in 2006 that she wanted to use the office as a platform from which to run for Governor in 2010. The citizens of Georgia deserved better than having this important constitutional responsibility used as a political stepping stone.

“As I have traveled the state, I have continually heard horror stories over the lack of customer service that citizens have received during Karen’s short time as Secretary of State. People have not been able to work because they could not obtain their professional licenses in a timely fashion. Citizens are asking, ‘Where is the voting paper trail that Karen promised?’

“The office of Secretary of State is extremely important to the daily lives of the citizens of Georgia. We need stability and a leader who will put public service ahead of political ambition.

“I urge Gov. Perdue to refrain from injecting partisan politics into his selection process for appointing a Secretary of State to serve out the remainder of this term. He should appoint someone with the professional experience to address the problems that have plagued this office under Karen Handel. He most definitely should not appoint someone who is an announced candidate for this post, thus elevating that candidate to incumbent status for an advantage in next year’s election.”