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08 December 2009

Don't Expect Dems To Capitalize On The Republicans' Recent Struggles

Thanks to the questionable ethics of the soon-to-be former Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R - Hiram), the state Democratic Party has been given a chance to make good government a major issue in the 2010 campaign.

However, if recent history is any guide, don't expect Georgia Democrats to carpe diem or seize the day.

At the close of the 2008 legislative session, the nearly unanimous decision from political observers was that the 149th Georgia General Assembly ended in colossal failure. Even veteran legislators such as former state Senator Eric Johnson (R - Savannah) found it difficult to say the session ended in anything resembling a success.

Once the 2008 session adjourned sine die, a very legitimate and important question was posed to the Georgia Democratic Party. That question being, Can the Democrats capitalize on the Republicans' multitude of unforced errors? [Walker, Andre (2008-4-6). Republicans Made Several Unforced Errors, But Can Democrats Capitalize?. Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2009-12-9.]

The answer to that question came a few weeks later as candidate qualifying ended for the '08 elections. The Democrats left a total of 101 Republicans unopposed in the General Election virtually assuring a continued GOP legislative majority [Walker, Andre (2008-5-2). Candidate Qualifying 2008: By The Numbers
. Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2009-12-9.]. Then, in 2009, the House Democratic Caucus failed to field a single candidate to oppose the re-election of Glenn Richardson as Speaker of the Georgia House [Speaker Glenn Richardson (2009-1-12). Richardson Re-Elected House Speaker by Acclimation. Press Release. Retrieved on 2009-12-9.].

For the past year and a half, Georgia Democrats haven't acted like they want to win. The Party hasn't acted like they want to be in the majority. The Democratic Party hasn't even shown a desire to compete. Leaving 101 GOPers, including the House Speaker, without opposition does not say that Democrats want to lead this great state again. Quite to the contrary, it says that the Dems have given up and resigned themselves to Republican control for the time being.

So here we are yet again.

It's the same story, but a different day.

The Georgia Republican Party is in shambles. The Georgia GOP is handing the reins of power to the Democrats on a silver platter. All the Democratic Party of Georgia has to do is reach out; make 2010 about good government, open government and ethical government; and the majority will be theirs.

Can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Who knows.

However, based on past actions, if money had to be risked, it might be safer to hold on to that cash rather than betting it on the Georgia Democratic Party.