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22 December 2009

Democrat Applauds Secretary Of State's Decision To Resign

With Republican Secretary of State Karen Handel announcing that she will resign her office in order to focus full time on her gubernatorial bid, people around the state are reacting to the news [Salzer, James (2009-12-22). Handel quits as Secretary of State, says she’s “all in” for governor’s race. Gold Dome Live. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.].

The campaign of Michael Mills, a Democrat vying for the office Handel is giving up, released the following statement:

"We commend Secretary of State Karen Handel's decision to resign her current office to seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Georgia. Elected officials must begin to place the interest of our citizens first, and not their own, at a time of mounting deficits, growing unemployment and uncertain futures.

My campaign is based upon the notion of "a new way forward in Georgia," which means exciting and empowering citizens to participate in the civic process while creating a government that works for them. The next Secretary of State must understand the role and power of an office that touches every facet of our lives.

It is with this spirit and commitment to moving Georgia forward in mind, that we call upon Governor Sonny Perdue to put people, and not politics first. The citizens of Georgia are watching and hoping that their leaders will get beyond rhetoric and partisanship, focusing instead on voters and the myriad issues they face. The governor must appoint someone who will remove partisanship from elections and balance the interests of consumers and businesses through the various divisions within the office.