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30 December 2009

CQ Politics Says 8th District Less Competitive For Republicans

8th district Congressman Jim Marshall received some good news this morning. Due to the weak field of Republicans challeging him next year, CQ Politics has upgraded Marshall's seat from "leans Democratic" to "likely Democratic".

With 2009 coming to a close and no big-name GOP recruit even on the radar, CQ Politics has changed its rating on the 8th District race, which had been rated Leans Democratic, to the less competitive category of Likely Democratic.

Marshall’s votes against the Democratic Party line on many issues has enabled the Princeton-educated Army veteran to succeed despite his middle Georgia constituency’s strong Republican leanings. John McCain , the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, outran Democrat Barack Obama by 13 percentage points in the 8th District. But on the same ballot, Marshall won with a 14-point margin over challenger Rick Goddard, a retired Air Force general who had been highly touted by the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

McArdle, John (2009-12-30). Macon Gains Earn Stronger Rating for Ga.’s Marshall. CQ Politics. Retrieved on 2009-12-30.

Having observed Congressman Marshall's last two campaigns, I doubt he'll rest on the laurels of this new rating. Marshall will run hard in 2010 regardless of who'll oppose him from the GOP.