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18 December 2009

Congressman Tom Price: The Stimulus Failed

In a blog entry appearing on The Hill newspaper's Congress blog, Congressman Tom Price (R - Georgia) took the opportunity to criticize Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Georgia announcing $33 million for broadband access in the rural northern parts of the state.

Says Price:

President Obama tapped Mr. Biden to oversee the stimulus program because, as he put it, “nobody messes with Joe.” While that may be so, as the Vice President has been traveling around the nation touting the various spending priorities of the stimulus bill, their alleged benefits have yet to materialize into jobs. So if the Vice President is visiting to have us believe expanding broadband is how jobs are created or that we can “weatherize” our way back to prosperity, it may be Joe who is messing with Georgia.

Price, Tom (2009-12-17). Let’s be frank, Mr. Vice President: The stimulus failed. Congress Blog (The Hill). Retrieved on 2009-12-18.

While the $33 million Vice President Biden announced yesterday may not create new jobs, I believe the stimulus dollars does save jobs.

According to a briefing released by the White House Thursday morning, rural north Georgia companies --such as Impact Manufacturing-- that rely on broadband access may be forced to relocate to other areas without significant improvements in broadband capability.

Impact Manufacturing employs 150 people. If Impact left Dawsonville, then how many of the 150 employees would be forced to look for work elsewhere. . .especially in this struggling economy.

Without good broadband access, communities like Dawsonville are at a distinct disadvantage. The $33 million in stimulus funding announced by Vice President Biden Thursday is good, sound policy; and will move the rural parts of Georgia further into the 21st century.