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22 December 2009

Chip Caray Comes Back Home To The Braves

Since 1976, a Caray has been in the Braves broadcast booth calling the games for America's team. First, there was Skip Caray with his memorable calls including "The Slide" from the 1992 NLCS and Marquis Grissom's catch that clinched the 1995 World Championship. Now, there's Skip's son Chip. Chip Caray has had a great career announcing baseball, and it's only fitting that he continue the three-decade Caray tradition of being the "Voice of the Braves."

As a lifelong Braves fan, I was disappointed when I heard the news that TBS and Chip Caray had parted ways [Associated Press (2009-11-30). Chip Caray and TBS part ways. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.]. To me, Turner Broadcasting System as a whole has gone downhill since their merger with Time-Warner. Once TBS released Chip Caray, I thought to myself, "The Braves aren't the Braves anymore."

Well, Chip Caray is coming back home to the Braves. Fox Sports South has brought Chip back to the Braves broadcast booth to announce 105 games next season as part of a multi-year contract with the network [O'Brien, David (2009-12-22). Chip Caray is back as Braves broadcaster. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.].

Derek Schiller, Braves executive vice president of sales and marketing, told the AJC that having Chip remain with the Braves family would be "welcome news" to the fans. It is. It really is. Now let's get to work on winning another World Series so Bobby Cox can finish his last season on top of the world.