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22 December 2009

Bah Humbug! Westmoreland Slams Senate Democrats' Hypocrisy

Reacting to the vote that limited debate on the 2,076-page health care reform bill, Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland accused Senate Democrats of using Christmas and backroom deals to pass the legislation.

"It's rare in U.S. history for either house of Congress to pass legislation the week of Christmas, but I'd imagine it's unprecedented to pass on Christmas Eve a bill that will implement a government takeover of 17 percent of our economy," Westmoreland said Monday. "Americans are out purchasing last-minute gifts, decorating, traveling, preparing holiday meals, going to church services and spending time wtih family. It's outrageous that their national leaders in the Senate are using Christmas celebrations as a diversion so they can sneak through a wildly unpopular bill."

"President Obama and his fellow Democrats promised an open, honest process with health care negotiations aired on C-SPAN. Instead, we've got backroom deals to buy votes. Georgia taxpayers are forced to fund special Medicaid deals for certain states whose senators' votes were bought with our money. President Obama promised a new way of doing business in Washington, but this sure looks like the old way of doing business. If the president was serious when he told us that he wasn't going to cater to the 'special interests' then he needs to veto this bill that would put the special interests of certain senators and certain states first. Otherwise, his words are simply hollow rhetoric."