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15 December 2009

2 out of 2 Democrats Agree: The 2010 State Convention Shouldn't Be In Atlanta

Three years ago, I had a hand in organizing the state Democratic convention where Mark Taylor and Jim Martin accepted the Georgia Democratic Party's nomination for Governor and Lt. Governor.

The convention was held in my hometown of College Park at the Georgia International Convention Center, and even though many of the Democratic nominees were unsuccessful in the 2006 General Election, the state Democratic convention itself was a fiscal success. When the books were closed on the Democrats' quadrennial gathering, the event ended solidly in the black (which is unusual for a political convention of any sort).

Anywho, with 2010 just around the corner, it's about time to begin preparing for the Georgia state Democratic convention once more. Keith McCants, a conservative Democrat that runs the blog "Peanut Politics", says the state convention should be held A.B.A. -- Anywhere But Atlanta.

McCants suggests Perry, Americus, Columbus, Macon and Albany [McCants, Keith (2009-12-10). State Democratic Convention Outside Atlanta?. Peanut Politics. Retrieved on 2009-12-15.].

I agree with Keith. Next year's state Democratic convention should not be in Atlanta as it only serves to solidify the perception that the Democratic Party of Georgia is a regional party centralized around Atlanta, Athens, Albany, Macon and Savannah (as demonstrated by these two maps).