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01 January 2009

Suddenly That Trip To Vegas Makes More Sense

ClayCo Sheriff Victor "Walking Small" Hill is bankrupt; not morally or politically, but financially bankrupt.

Outgoing Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill filed for bankruptcy during his last week in office.

Hill, who ends his single term at midnight Wednesday, filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court, claiming he does not have enough money to pay $1.7 million in damages for several lawsuits. This includes a judgment for $475,000 he owes to Mark Tuggle, the brother of Hill’s predecessor as sheriff. Tuggle won a lawsuit against Hill in U.S. District Court in October after a jury found Hill guilty of false arrest
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Victor Hill files for bankruptcy", December 31, 2008].

As was reported last month, Hill skipped town for a leisurely trip to Sin CIty courtesy of the Clayton County taxpayers (one of which is my mother who just paid $1,362.57 in property taxes for the year ending 2008) [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Sheriff Hill’s credit card use under investigation", December 11, 2008].

Thus ends the political career of Victor Hill.

Rejected by the voters after one term; sued by former deputies within his department; and now, bankrupt.

I certainly wish Victor Hill all the best in his future endeavors.