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06 January 2009

Georgia State Government Lets The Sunshine In

"Not one person born in Georgia that day would try to close the door on open government in Georgia, but Sonny did."

Those are my words.

I first spoke those words at the 2006 Georgia Democratic State Convention as part of my case for why Gov. Perdue didn't deserve a second term in office.

Well, thanks to legislation signed into law by Perdue, those closed doors are open again and the sunlight of transparency is shining brightly through the halls of government.

...the "Transparency in Government" website allows online access to agency expenditures on professional services, employee salaries and travel. Plus, it includes state financial reports and program reviews from the two previous years.

"The Open Georgia website makes state government more transparent to its customer, the taxpayer," Perdue said in announcing the site. "By being willing to further open the halls of government to the public, we give citizens more confidence that their tax dollars are being spent wisely."
[Source: Insider Advantage Georgia, "A Faster Way To Know Who's Getting What From State Government", January 6, 2009]

The web address for the Transparency in Goverment website is