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11 December 2008

When Will The Government's Pocketbook Close?

On the front page of the New Republican, an interesting question is asked.

When should the federal purse strings be closed?

With the passage of the $14 billion auto bailout bill last night and President-elect Obama's proposed $700 billion public works plan, Washington's answer to that question is "not any time soon."

However, the question on my mind is not when should the federal purse strings be close, but when will the government's pocketbook be closed.

My mother recently said that whoever predicted an endless line of people approaching the government for a bailout once the $700 billion Wall Street package was passed was right.

For the record, in addition to Wall Street and the automakers requesting government assistance, Southern Regional Medical Center is asking Clayton County government to help the hospital stave off a possible closing of their doors [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Hospital begs Clayton Commission to back bond", December 9, 2008].

There comes a time when the government, at all levels, has to say enough is enough and turn off the spigot of cash. Everyone seems to be rushing to the government for help, but the government cannot help everyone.

So once again, the question is when will the government close their pocketbooks?

When will the government stand up and say, "Hey, we can't bail everyone out. Someone has got to sink and someone has got to swim. Let's leave it up to the fates."

Right now, the answer from the government seems to be not any time soon.