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16 December 2008

Savannah Mayor Doesn't Want Job In Obama Administration

Monday, the Detroit Free Press threw Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson's hat in the ring for a job in the Obama Administration; head of the newly-created Office for Urban Policy [Source: Detroit Free Press, "Cities deserve a strong leader in Washington", December 15, 2008].

One day later, Johnson removed himself from consideration for the post telling the Savannah Morning News that he's looking forward to finishing his term in office and then leaving public life altogether.

"I think it's extremely flattering, but I have no plans to go to Washington," he said. "I would like to be involved in helping however I can, but I want to finish out my three years in office and leave public life." [Source: Savannah Morning News, "Savannah mayor suggested for Obama post", December 16, 2008]

Otis Johnson has a political career that spans nearly two decades including service on the Savannah City Council and the Savannah-Chatham County Board of Education.