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23 December 2008

Roger Bruce Re-Introduces "Parent Protection Act"

When the legislature was in session during the first half of 2008, a bipartisan group of legislators including Democrat Roger Bruce and Republican John Lunsford introduced a bill called the "Parent Protection Act."

The bill was described as a supplement to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act providing a total of 24 hours of unpaid leave per year to attend parent/teacher conferences, to accompany an elderly relative to the doctor, or to go to doctor's appointments with their spouse or child without losing their job.

House Bill 901, which was opposed by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, languished in the House Industrial Relations Committee the entire length of the '08 session.

State Rep. Roger Bruce has pre-filed the Parent Protection Act for the upcoming 2009 legislative session. Hopefully, the legislation will be met with more favorable consideration this time around.