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04 December 2008

Quote of the Day: the Vernon Jones edition

"The Democratic party has to stop putting up these liberal candidates who tend to win in the in the primary but not in the general," [DeKalb County CEO Vernon]Jones told a Wednesday afternoon press conference. "They keep recruiting candidates who are consistently out of touch with mainstream Georgians." [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Jones blasts media, Democrats following runoff loss", December 4, 2008]

Vernon Jones has little love for the Georgia Democratic Party as evidenced by his comment that the Democrats love to "recruit losers" [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Vernon Jones: ‘Obviously, the Democratic party loves to recruit losers’", April 29, 2008]. Still, the outgoing DeKalb County CEO says he wants to help rebuild the state Democratic Party.

So, the question in my mind is how does Vernon Jones assist in the rejuvenation of the once great Democratic Party of Georgia?