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23 December 2008

New Report Says Georgia May Gain An Additional Seat In Congress

This morning, CQ Politics points us to a new report that says if reapportionment were held today, Georgia would gain one additional seat in Congress.

The study, issued by Election Data Services (EDS), predicts that while New Jersey, New York and Michigan would all lose a seat in Washington, Georgia, Florida and Arizona would all gain a seat.

Based on its analysis, EDS says Texas would be the big winner among the six states that would gain House seats, with three added to its current 32. If that occurs, Texas — already the nation’s second most-populous state behind only California — would gain multiple House seats for the fourth consecutive decade. [Source: CQ Politics, "Census Estimates Show Clout Again Likely to Go West and South", December 23, 2008]

Figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau Monday showed that Georgia was the ninth fastest growing state in the nation [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Georgia falls behind N.C. in growth rate", December 22, 2008]

Click here to download the full Election Data Services report.