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03 December 2008

Just Say No To New Taxes On Internet Sales

In the December 3rd edition of the Rome News-Tribune, it's being reported that the Rome City Council is lobbying state legislators to levy a tax on internet sales.

According to Rome Mayor Wright Bagby Jr., the city’s sales tax revenue is falling about 1.5 percent below its 2007 collections.

"Some of it’s the economy. But I don’t think there’s any question state and local governments are losing money to Internet sales," Bagby said. [Source: Rome News-Tribune, "City pushes tax on Internet sales", December 3, 2008]

So, the City of Rome is seeing a decline in tax revenue, but instead of cutting back to compensate for less money, Rome is proposing to raise taxes; or in this case, levy a new tax against sales made over the internet.

Maybe someone can explain to me why, when the government runs out of money or is facing a decrease in funds, they're answer is almost always to raise taxes.