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18 December 2008

Just Days Before Christmas, Santa Has Run-In With The Law

A cop in New York City might be getting a lump of coal in her stocking this Christmas after writing Santa Claus a ticket for double-parking his SUV next to his sleigh.

Chip Cafiero says he'll fight the $115 ticket he received in Brooklyn on Black Friday when he was dressed as Santa.

The 60-year-old retired schoolteacher was riding a horse-drawn carriage and handing out toys and candy canes. An SUV carrying the toys and protecting the horse from traffic was double parked next to him.

Santa says he yelled "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to get the traffic agent's attention because the SUV wasn't blocking traffic. But in his words, "This grinch just went ahead and fined me."
[Source: WMAZ-TV, "Santa Gets Parking Ticket While Delivering Toys", December 18, 2008]

Who gives Santa a ticket just days before Christmas?

Now Santa has to come back down from the North Pole with his attorneys to fight these trumped up charges. It doesn't make any sense! It ain't right!

Just in case you're wondering, this travesty of justice was caught on tape.

Here is some exclusive footage of Santa's run-in with the law:

"Santa Gets Arrested"

There's no word if Santa plans to file a lawsuit against the NYPD.