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01 December 2008

It's Legal to Lie in the State Legislature. . .

. . . But state Senator Ed Tarver is seeking to change that.

Among the pre-filed bills for the 2009 legislative session is a measure by Augusta Democrat Ed Tarver to criminalize making false statements to a legislative committee or sub-committee. Currently, there is no penalty for lying to a legislative committee.

In today's Athens Banner-Herald, the paper's editorial board argues in favor of Tarver's bill writing that truth-telling should apply not only to persons testifying before a legislative panel but also to lawmakers as well.

If Tarver and other like-minded legislators want to establish legal sanctions against people who make false statements in front of legislative committees - a worthy goal, to be sure - they ought also to be willing to subject themselves to that same standard. [Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Truth-telling bill should apply to lawmakers", December 1, 2008]

State Sen. Ed Tarver's "Truth In Testimony Act" was introduced during the 2008 legislative session where it languished in the Senate Rules Committee.