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11 December 2008

ICYMI: Yesterday Was "Day Without A Gay" Day

Gay rights activists still smarting over their unexpected failure to stop California's gay marriage ban organized a nationwide protest yesterday to demonstrate the economic power of gay and lesbian community.

The protest, aptly named "Day Without A Gay," had all the power of a mosquito bite.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution searched in vain for people "calling in gay" and in San Francisco, the mecca of gay-dom in America, business owners were "livid" that Day Without A Gay organizers encouraged people not to shop during the holidays [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Are you calling in gay to work today?", December 10, 2008].

"Our rights have been taken away as much as anyone else's," said Rich Boutell, who runs Whatever comics on Castro Street and whose marriage was thrown into limbo with the Nov. 4 election. He and his husband, Cougar Andrews, kept their store open and wished the "day without a gay" organizers had encouraged gay-allied individuals to patronize gay-owned businesses. "The whole purpose should be to support your own, not to boycott. If you're going to have a protest, it should be a positive thing. The gay dollar is powerful." [Source: San Francisco Chronicle, "'Day without a gay' protest fizzles", December 11, 2008]

The gay dollar is powerful, huh? Who knew that the father of our country, George Washington, was a flamboyant gentleman.

There's a right way and a wrong way to protest, and holding an economic boycott during tough economic times is most definitely the wrong way.