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18 December 2008

Eric Johnson Announces 2010 Campaign For Lt. Governor

Welcome to the never-ending campaign.

State Senator Eric Johnson (R - Savannah) has formally announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor in 2010.

Vowing to be a bridge between citizens and elected officials, Eric Johnson has formally launched his bid for lieutenant governor in 2010.

"I have the experience," Johnson told the Savannah Morning News as he announced his candidacy Wednesday. "I have virtually done the job I'm running for without having held the title."
[Source: Savannah Morning News, "It's official: State Sen. Eric Johnson running for lieutenant governor", December 18, 2008]

So now Sen. Johnson wants the title.

The Savannah paper says state Sen. David Shafer (R - Duluth) is also running for the state's number two job. It should be an interesting primary. . .

. . . two years from now.