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18 December 2008

All The Power Of A Mosquito Bite

That's how I would describe the resolution adopted by the Fulton County Commission yesterday urging Fulton County Marshal Antonio Johnson not to put people out of homes that were foreclosed upon.

Advocates for affordable housing and homeless activists had been encouraging the commission to stop, until the end of July, evictions for renters who are being put out because the owner of the home they occupy has been foreclosed upon.

The county attorney advised them they don’t have the authority to intervene in the court process or direct the marshal not to serve legal papers.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Fulton vote urges delayed evictions", December 18, 2008]

Renters are always affected by the actions of their landlords.

If the landlord decides not to renew the lease, then the renter has to go. If the landlord decides to sell the property, then the renter has to go. And if he landlord loses the property, the renter has to go.

While I feel bad for those renters who are being punished for their landlords not paying the mortgage, once the house has been foreclosed upon then the tenants have to leave.

For any government to say to the bank or mortgage company that they can't remove someone from property they now own is wrong as it violates their property rights.

By the way, it is much better to own rather than to rent.