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07 November 2008

The Savannah Morning News Sticks With Saxby In The Run-Off

On October 23rd, the Savannah Morning News asked their readers to "send back Saxby" because he was "a senator that Georgians can count on to serve their key interests - the economy, jobs and national defense."

Despite voting with the Republicans over 90% of the time according to the Washington Post, the Savannah paper said, "Mr. Chambliss is no rubber stamp for the Rs." [Sources: Washington Post, Saxby Chambliss Congress Votes Database; Savannah Morning News, "Senate pick: Send back Saxby", October 23, 2008]

Now with a run-off election between Chambliss and Democrat Jim Martin more and more likely, the Savannah Morning News has once again thrown its support behind the Republican incumbent.

Mr. Chambliss is the better choice for Chatham County voters.

Keeping him in the Senate would maintain a small check against a Democratic-controlled Congress that could steam roll legislation through with abandon. A prime example is the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. It would put an end to the secret ballot in unionization efforts and mean more job losses and higher prices across the country if it is signed into law.

Mr. Chambliss is on record supporting Supreme Court justices who believe in interpreting laws, as opposed to making laws. He backed the nominations of Justices Sam Alito and John Roberts. Mr. Obama, as Illinois senator, voted against both nominees. He's likely to name more activist judges to the federal bench. Mr. Chambliss would stand as a check against an overreaching judiciary.
[Source: Savannah Morning News, "Keep Chambliss", November 7, 2008]

As of today, some of the state's other large newspapers such as the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Atlanta Journal Constitution and Macon Telegraph have yet to pick a U.S. Senate candidate for the December 2nd run-off.