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12 November 2008

Rockdale County Democrats Claim A Majority On County Commission

Four years ago, Republicans ruled the roost in Rockdale County.

President Bush won 60.5% of the vote there. All three county commissioners were Republican and so was the Clerk of Superior Court.

Now, four years later, Barack Obama won Rockdale with 54.4% of the vote. The Clerk of Superior Court office is in Democratic hands and two of the three county commissioners, including the county commission chair, are Democrats.

The Rockdale County Citizen reports today that the local Democratic Party's string of electoral victories was capped off Tuesday as Rockdale County Commissioner Jason Hill conceded the election to Democrat Oz Nesbitt.

Rockdale County Commissioner Jason Hill conceded his bid for a second term Tuesday after election officials confirmed challenger Oz Nesbitt's 87-vote victory during a ballot recount.

Hill said he was disappointed, but proud of his campaign. He stood by his record and said nearly half the voters approved of his stance on low taxes, increasing parks and greenspace and fiscal responsibility. "Unfortunately, half the voters and 87 people made a different choice," he said.
[Source: Rockdale County Citizen, "Nesbitt wins after ballot recount", November 12, 2008]

While I don't want to turn this positive news on the local level into a critique of the state Democratic Party, can you imagine the kind of results Democrats across Georgia would have had if a genuine effort was made to challenge Republicans in more than 79 legislative districts.

Rockdale County serves as the latest example of what can happen if Democrats field candidates in every race, including those they aren't expected to win.