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14 November 2008

Oregon Senator-Elect Jeff Merkley Goes To Bat For Jim Martin

Fresh off his recent victory over Gordon Smith in Oregon's Senate race, Democrat Jeff Merkley is asking his supporters to pitch in and help Jim Martin defeat Republican Saxby Chambliss in Georgia's December 2nd U.S. Senate run-off.

In email sent out this afternoon, Merkley wrote, "We need to have Jim Martin in the Senate to work with President-elect Obama and me to fix our economy and make Washington work for working Americans."

"I urge each and every one of you to join me in supporting Jim Martin's campaign," the email read.

Merkley's email included an ask for $25, $50, or $100 to Jim's campaign so he can "join me and President-Elect Barack Obama in Washington in putting our nation back on track."

The Merkley email is the second one of its kind this week sent to assist Jim Martin in raising funds for his tight Senate race.

Thursday, Democratic strategist James Carville asked backers of the Georgia Democrat to donate at least $5 to help Martin meet his $250,000 goal [Source: DemConWatch, "GA Senate: James Carville Makes Fundraising Pitch For Jim Martin", November 13, 2008].