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25 November 2008

National Right To Life Says Jim Martin Supports An Extreme Pro-Abortion Agenda

The United States' largest pro-life organization inserted itself into Georgia's closely watched U.S. Senate accusing Democrat Jim Martin of supporting an extreme pro-abortion agenda.

The National Right To Life Committee, an organization that has affiliates in all fifty states, said Republican Saxby Chambliss had a perfect pro-life voting record throughout his service in the Senate, citing Chambliss' support for legislation banning partial-birth abortions and requiring parental notification before minors can obtain an abortion.

"After the new Congress convenes in January, pro-abortion lawmakers will attempt to establish federal funding for abortion on demand, and to roll back other pro-life policies," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee. "We need Senator Chambliss back in the Senate to help resist this radical pro-abortion agenda, an agenda that Martin would fully support."