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07 November 2008

McCain (and maybe Palin) to Campaign for Saxby Chambliss

The Georgia online political newsletter, Capitol Impact, is reporting today that John McCain and possibly Sarah Palin are coming to Georgia on behalf of Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss who was forced into a run-off by Democrat Jim Martin.

Chambliss said Friday the GOP presidential nominee and possibly Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will campaign for him in the runoff election with Democrat Jim Martin; Martin has asked president-elect Barack Obama to make a campaign appearance as well but has received no confirmation yet; runoff election will be held Dec. 2 because Chambliss did not get 50 percent plus one vote in the general election. [Source: Capitol Impact, McCain is coming to Georgia, November 7, 2008]

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has more on the McCain visit which is all but certain except for the date [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "McCain - and maybe Palin - to stump for Chambliss", November 7, 2008].