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21 November 2008

Martin Criticizes Chambliss For Missed Vote On Unemployment Benefits Bill

Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Senate passed a bill to extend unemployment benefits by seven weeks. The Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 was approved by Senators overwhelmingly, but according to the vote summary, Saxby Chambliss did not vote [Source: Senate Roll Call #214]. And that's got Democrat Jim Martin accusing Chambliss of playing politics while Georgia's families struggle to make ends meet.

"Saxby Chambliss missed an opportunity to speak for middle class Georgians who are struggling under the failed economic policies he’s supported," Jim Martin said. "Hundreds of thousands of Georgians are feeling the impact of losing their job, and Saxby Chambliss can’t even be bothered to show up for work."

The Martin for Senate campaign says that Chambliss skipped the vote on the unemployment benefits bill to hold campaign rallies; a fact seemingly confirmed by local news reports in the Tifton Gazette and the Georgia Times-Union detailing campaign stops by Chambliss throughout the day Thursday [Sources: Tifton Gazette, "Saxby Chambliss visits Tifton", November 20, 2008; Georgia Times-Union, "Chambliss tours South Georgia hoping to boost voter turnout", November 21, 2008].

"The difference between my opponent and myself could not be clearer. I’m ready and willing to roll up my sleeves and work with Barack Obama to fix our economy and get it working for middle class Georgians again, and Saxby Chambliss is not," Martin said.