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18 November 2008

Looking for Obama Inauguration Tickets?

If you're one of the thousands of people who've requested tickets to the historic inauguration of President-elect Obama, then here's some bad news for you.

The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call is reporting that members of the U.S. House will only get 198 inauguration tickets a piece.

House Members each will get 198 tickets for the inauguration — a number dwarfed by the thousands of requests received by many offices since the Nov. 4 election. [Source: Roll, "
House Members to Get 198 Inaugural Tickets Apiece"
, November 17, 2008]

That means that Georgia's Congressional delegation will receive a collective total of 2,574 tickets to the Obama inauguration.

There's no word on how many tickets Georgia's two Senators will receive, but it's a pretty safe assumption that the number won't meet the demand their offices are seeing.