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19 November 2008

Live Blogging The Clinton/Martin Rally

[UPDATE 6:20PM]: This will be the last update until my hands warm up, but President Clinton and Jim Martin just finished speaking to the crowd gathered on the campus of Clark Atlanta University.

Here are a couple of selected quotes from Clinton and Martin:

Jim Martin - I'm glad to say Mr. President, America is Back!

Bill Clinton - This country does not need a firewall to the future. It needs a bridge to the future. Jim Martin is the bridge and Saxby Chambliss is the firewall.

[UPDATE 5:45PM]: I was just told that 3,000 people are in attendance at this rally and there's murmuring that President Clinton has arrived.

[UPDATE 5:20PM]: Lee Goodall, the field director for Georgia Campaign for Change, just finished telling the crowd to use the lists they were given as they arrived to call as many voters as possible.

One person yelled out that they'd called ten people already.

[UPDATE 5:10PM]: It's a chilly day outside here in Atlanta and we were just informed that President Clinton's plane has landed. As has become customary with the former President, he's late.

[UPDATE 5:04PM]: Commissioner of Labor Michael Thurmond just finished addressing the crowd imploring them to "finish the drill and close the deal" on December 2nd.

"Enough is enough," Thurmond said. "It's time for a change."

Before leaving the stage, Thurmond lead the crowd in a rendition of "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us 'Round."

[UPDATE 4:43PM]: Here's a crowd shot. We're hearing from our first speaker who is a grassroots organizer who was a Republican who voted for Reagan, but has since switched to the Democratic Party.

[UPDATE 4:30PM]: Here's a quote for y'all to chew on. A Secret Service agent was asked by a person attending the rally if he had any inauguration tickets.

The Agent's answer: "I wish I had some."

[Original Post]:I'm here on the campus of Clark Atlanta University where former President Bill Clinton will join Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jim Martin to rally supporters for the upcoming December 2nd run-off election.

The lines are already forming on The Quad which is basically a large open air section of the Clark Atlanta campus surrounding by various buildings.

More details as they come...