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17 November 2008

Jim Powell Scores AJC Endorsement For Run-off

With about two weeks left until Georgia voters decide who should represent them on the Public Service Commission, the Atlanta Journal Constitution let it be know which candidate their backing in the race. . .

. . . Democrat Jim Powell.

In the November 17th edition of the AJC, Maureen Downey expressed the feelings of the paper's editorial board when she wrote, "Powell will best represent consumer’s interest as one of the five PSC commissioners who determine how much money residents pay for heat and electricity and how much major utilities like Georgia Power can earn."

Downey also included a shot at Jim Powell's Republican opponent Lauren McDonald writing that "no matter what letter follows his name, McDonald is a bad choice to represent Georgia consumers."

Lauren McDonald is a former member of the Public Service Commission (PSC). Outgoing PSC Commissioner Angela Speir, also a Republican, has endorsed Jim Powell as well. Speir defeated McDonald for a seat on the PSC in 2002. At the time, McDonald was a Democrat. He has since switched to the GOP.

On November 4th, Jim Powell finished first with about 47% of the vote, but fell short of the 50% plus one needed to avoid a run-off.

To read the entire AJC endorsement of Jim Powell, click here.