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25 November 2008

Jim Martin Releases New Ad. . ."Go To Work"

In a new ad released today, Jim Martin responds to Saxby Chambliss’ false, vicious attacks on Martin’s record. The truth is that Jim Martin voted to return $100 million of surplus taxes to taxpayers and voted for the largest middle class tax cut in Georgia’s history. While Jim Martin will go to Washington to fight for the middle class, Saxby Chambliss has spent his time there fighting for CEOs and lobbyists.

"Go To Work"

"Saxby Chambliss has resorted to false, vicious attacks because Georgians know there’s only one candidate who will work with Barack Obama to cut middle class taxes, and that’s Jim Martin," Martin spokesperson Kate Hansen said. "Voters are rejecting Saxby Chambliss’ tired, bitter politics because they know that in these perilous times we need a fighter for the middle class, not a politician who stands up for special interests. In Washington, Jim Martin will get to work fixing America’s economy for middle class Georgians again."