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10 November 2008

It Is Way Too Soon To Be Thinking About A Governor's Race

John Oxendine, Casey Cagle, David Poythress, Michael Thurmond, DuBose Porter, Lynn Westmoreland, Jerry Keen, Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, Sam Olens...

...What do all these people have in common?

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, they're all rumored to be possible candidates for Governor of Georgia in 2010.

Of the ten possible gubernatorial candidates listed above, three --Casey Cagle, John Oxendine and David Poythress-- are already raising funds for an election that is two years away.

But as House Majority Leader Jerry Keen said, "We just completed the longest and hardest campaign season in my adult life. I haven’t met a person yet who is not tired of campaigns." [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Governor’s race already in the wings", November 10, 2008]

For nearly two years, all people have been talking about was the presidential campaign. The last thing we need is for another two years is talk about a gubernatorial campaign.

From bloggers to campaign operatives to the candidates themselves, a lot of folks are just burnt out. So I have a simple request...

...If you're thinking about running for Governor in 2010, put that thought on hold until after the 2009 legislative session has adjourned sine die.

It's too soon to be thinking about a Governor's race.