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28 November 2008

ICYMI: Jim Martin Endorsed By International Brotherhood of Police Officers

Two days ago, while most Georgians were preparing their Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, string beans, blackeyed peas, salad and sweet potato pie (and yes, I've got plenty of leftovers), Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin announced that he'd received the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO).

"I usually vote Republican, but Jim Martin’s commitments to support law enforcement have moved me to vote for him this time," Sgt. Scott Kreher of the Atlanta Police Department and president of International Brotherhood of Police Officers local 678 said. "While Jim Martin has met the crime threat in our communities with action, all Saxby Chambliss has done is undermine us. Jim Martin has always worked to protect children from violent crime – because he knows firsthand what can happen. Saxby Chambliss shows his true character when he accuses a crime victim of being soft on crime."

"For Saxby Chambliss to accuse me of being weak on crime is not only wrong, but it is offensive to both me and my family. Saxby Chambliss knows better," U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin said. "I am honored to have the support of so many of Georgia's finest and proud to be the only candidate in this race with a proven record of giving law enforcement the tools necessary to keep our families safe. Saxby Chambliss gave a $700 billion check to bail out Wall Street, but when it came time to keep our streets safe, he voted no. My campaign for U.S. Senate is about using our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for important priorities like keeping our streets safe – not for lining Wall Street with billions."