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10 November 2008

House Speaker Glenn Richardson Re-elected As Speaker

This morning, there are at least four articles in newspapers across Georgia talking about today's House Republican Caucus meeting that will elect the officers of the 2009 legislative session including the powerful post of Speaker of the House.

State Rep. David Ralston (R - Blue Ridge) is challenging Glenn Richardson for the Speaker's gavel, but I get the feeling that Ralston's challenge will come up short.

In the state House, the GOP lost four seats and picked up two seats for a net loss of two seats. The current composition of the House is 107 Republicans and 73 Democrats. When the legislature convenes in January, there will be 105 Republicans and 75 Democrats.

To quote former state Senator Rusty Paul (R - Atlanta), "When you have an election where things are going bad all over the country, and it’s just not your party’s night, to only lose two seats in the’s a pretty good night." [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Ga. may get new speaker", November 10, 2008]

Plus, recently elected GOP legislators who benefited from Richardson raising or contributing money for their campaigns aren't likely to bite the hand that fed them so to speak.

To be honest with you, all this hype about today's Republican caucus meeting is a bunch of hippity hoopla by the press to make something bigger than it actually is.

[UPDATE]: Dick Pettys, who is live-blogging the House Republican Caucus meeting, reports that Richardson was re-elected Speaker.