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17 November 2008

Donna Brazille: Dig Deep For Jim Martin

Democrat Jim Martin continues to break out the big bats as he seeks to unseat Republican U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss in the December 2nd run-off election.

Monday morning, prominent Democratic strategist Donna Brazille penned an email to supporters of Jim Martin letting them know that she's coming to Georgia.

"I'm on my way to Georgia, and I wanted to send you a quick message," the email reads. "When I heard Jim Martin was in a runoff, I cleared my calendar because I knew I needed to do whatever I could to ensure a big win for Jim in the 15 short days we have until the election."

Brazille asked supporters of the Georgia Democratic U.S. Senate candidate to "dig deep for Jim Martin and make an immediate contribution of $35, $75, or $150 today."

"I wouldn't be on my way to Georgia to help Jim if I didn't know that we can win this race, Brazille wrote. "Georgians are ready for change, and they're ready for a U.S. Senator who will work with President-elect Obama - not someone who is dead-set on blocking his ambitious agenda."

Brazille is a member of the Democratic National Committee and made history in 2000 as the first African-American to manage a major presidential campaign when she served as Al Gore's campaign manager. Brazille is frequently seen on CNN and the ABC News Sunday morning public affairs program "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."