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24 November 2008

Augusta Chronicle Endorses Chambliss As Firewall To Employee Free Choice Act

The Augusta Chronicle endorsed Saxby Chambliss for re-election Monday morning citing his opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act as their main reason for backing the freshman Republican Senator.

Democrats love the [Employee Free Choice Act] law for what it will do for their bread-and-butter Big Labor friends: It will take away employees' right to a secret ballot when voting on whether to form a union.

The "card check" law, as it's called, provides yet another reason why it's critical to re-elect Republican Saxby Chambliss to Georgia's U.S. Senate seat.
[Source: Augusta Chronicle, "It's no secret: This ballot is huge", November 24, 2008]

While the Employee Free Choice Act passed the U.S House in March of last year, it languished in the Senate as the Republicans threatened to filibuster the bill. Saxby Chambliss was one of forty-eight Senators who voted against the cloture motion to limit debate on the legislation.

Chambliss' Democratic challenger, Jim Martin, has indicated that he supports the Employee Free Choice and would vote for it as a member of the Senate.