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10 November 2008

Atlanta-Fulton House & Senate Delegation Public Hearing - November 19th

The Atlanta-Fulton House and Senate delegation are sponsoring a public hearing on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 7:00PM at the following location:

Room 307,
Coverdale Legislative Office Building

All residents and members of any organization in Fulton County are invited to attend. Groups are requested to designate one (1) spokesperson to represent the group and speakers are asked to provide a written copy of their remarks for the delegation's records.

The purpose of the hearing is to enable citizens to give input and feedback to their legislators on issues they would like the upcoming session of the General Assembly to address.

Remarks are limited to five (5) minutes for organizations and three (3) minutes for individual citizens.

For more information, please contact the House delegation office at (404) 656-5149, or the Senate delegation office at (404) 651-8804.