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04 November 2008

4 Hours Left &No Major Problems At The Polls Reported

Georgia's Secretary of State and 11Alive both have some good news to report.

"Nearly all of Georgia’s 3,000 voting precincts opened this morning on time and without complication," [Secretary of State Karen]Handel said. "The agency’s Office of Inspector General quickly dispatched monitors or technicians to assist poll managers in three precincts that did not open on time, and wait times are averaging from ‘no wait’ to just under an hour statewide. Additionally, the Secretary of State’s Office has received no complaints regarding the photo ID requirement."

11Alive News has not had any reports of major problems at polling places. [Source:, "No Major Voting Problems Reported", November 4, 2008]

CBS46 also reports that lines are overall, shorter than expected [Source:, "Election Day: Overall, Lines Shorter Than Expected", November 4, 2008].

In addition, an individual who votes at the Hampton Recreation Center precinct in DeKalb said this afternoon there was no line when he voted.