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14 October 2008

We Are For Family Values & Not Just Against The Alcohol...

...Because after all, the biggest threat to family values in America is the ability of individuals to purchase beer and wine at their convenience.

This November, White County voters will have their say in whether alcoholic beverages are to be sold in their county.

White County Commission Chair Chris Nonnemaker supports the referendum:

"My personal view is that in America, the age of deciding if you want to purchase alcohol is 21, and I don’t think any government should pass laws that inhibit the right to make that decision," Nonnemaker said. "Government can’t legislate morality." [Source: Gainesville Times, "White County residents will decide on alcohol sales", October 13, 2008]

While Michael Wilkes, chairman of the group "Citizens for Continued Family Values," is against it:

"More alcohol will bring harm to the family," Wilkes said. "We’re doing this for the families."

Now, I always wonder about these folks who make claims like "more alcohol will bring harm to the family." I wonder what their reaction would have been to the first miracle of Jesus Christ -- turning six, twenty to thirty gallon stone jars filled to the brim with water into wine [Source: Holy Bible, John 2:1 - 11].

I wonder what people like Michael Wilkes would have said to Jesus because, after all, 120 gallons of wine is more than enough to make everyone get a little tipsy.

Would Michael Wilkes and Citizens for Continued Family Values have objected to the actions of Jesus Christ? Probably not...or who knows, they probably would have.

My point is this...

...Alcohol does not bring more harm to families. The fact that Jesus' first miracle was to turn water into wine should demonstrate effectively to the religious right that God is not against enjoying a sip of the good stuff every now and then.

However, alcohol abuse does harm families and it harms society. That's why people always say, "Know when to say when." Too much alcohol is bad for you, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Too much food is bad for you. Too much water is bad for you. Even too much exercise is bad for you.

Everything must be done in moderation and the government should not involve itself in determining what people can and cannot buy with their hard-earned money.