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07 October 2008

Vote Yes For Fulton County's Libraries

Go all the way through your ballot --Libraries: first in your heart, last on the ballot

Vote YES on the Library Bond Referendum for enhanced, exceptional, equitable library service throughout the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System!

  • $275 million bond for capital improvements to the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System.

  • 8 new branch libraries, 2 expanded libraries and 23 renovated libraries.

  • Includes a major expansion of the Auburn Avenue Research Library and significant funding for a new Central Library.

  • A $150,000 Fulton County home would see a library tax increase of $18.96 per year to support this plan, or $1.58 per month. A $300,000 home would pay $37.92 per year, or $3.16 per month.

  • With significant population growth in Fulton County and consistent increase in library use over the last 20+ years, current structures are too small and not ideally located, with outdated infrastructures and facilities.

  • Libraries make good neighbors – with 34 libraries throughout the county offering activities, exhibits, cutting-edge technology along with traditional books, collections and services—libraries are more relevant today than ever!

Please join me in Voting YES for Libraries November 4 (actually I voted yes two weeks ago, but you get the point).