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27 October 2008

Vote Hits Chambliss With New Ad

The largest group of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans,, announced it is running an ad in Georgia that highlights votes made by Senator Saxby Chambliss against greater funding for body armor for the troops. The ad will run over the next week in the Columbus and Savannah markets.

"Body Armor - Senator Chambliss"

The ad features Peter Granato, Iraq War Veteran. In the ad, Granato fires shots from an AK-47 through the kind of flak jacket troops were given early on in the war, and modern Body Armor, featuring (Stand Alone Protective Insert (SAPI) plates. The shots go through the older vest, but are stopped by the newer armor. Granato explains that Chambliss voted against funding to give American troops the newer armor.

Chambliss did so twice, voting against an amendment offered by Senator Christopher Dodd in 2003 (S.Amdt. 1817), which would have appropriated $300 million more for needed equipment for the troops, including proper Body Armor, to make up for a funding shortfall that did not meet the request of the US Army. He also voted against an amendment by Senator Mary Landrieu ( S.Amdt. 452) in the same year that would have appropriated $1 billion for equipment on a list of priorities from the Marines, also including Body Armor, as Landrieu made clear in her press release on the amendment at the time.

"Senator Chambliss should be held accountable for these votes, and troops and veterans are doing just that," said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of "These votes were particularly disturbing, and Senator Chambliss should explain why he voted against this funding for the troops."

(A gracious tip o'the hat to Oconee Democrat)