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26 October 2008

The Two Faces of Shelley Wynters, Fired Atlanta Radio Personality

Earlier this year, Atlanta radio personality Shelley Wynters was fired from his job at WAOK-AM after repeatedly slamming Democratic Congressman David Scott on the air while receiving funds from the campaign of Scott's Republican opponent, Deborah Honeycutt [Sources: Access, "More on Shelley Wynter", May 22, 2008; Redding News Review, "Wynter out at Atlanta's WAOK-AM", May 22, 2008].

According to the most recently filed Federal Elections Commission (FEC) reports, Wynters received $5,000 from the Honeycutt campaign as late as October 11th. Based on this evidence, there can be no doubt which candidate Shelley Wynters is supporting for Congress in the 13th district -- Republican Deborah Honeycutt.

Here's where things get confusing though...

...During the October 21st Atlanta Press Club debate, Republican Honeycutt said she planned to support fellow Republican John McCain for President because he shares "similar values and principles" with her [Source:, "Deborah Honeycutt Endorses John McCain", October 23, 2008]. Honeycutt even went so far as to say that she couldn't support Barack Obama for President because he backed "black genocide" [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Non-incumbent raises $4.3 million for her campaign", October 22, 2008].

Shelley Wynters, on the other hand, is supporting Barack Obama.

Yes, you read that right. Shelley Wynters, a self-described conservative, is supporting Barack Obama while the Republican candidate that Wynters has taken thousands of dollars from is backing John McCain.

But gets better.

During an appearance on CNN, Shelley Wynters repudiated another black talk radio host for selling out his so-called conservative credentials and principles by backing the "the least conservative candidate that the Republican Party could put up for the presidency" [Source: EUR, "Black Man From McCain Rally Storms Off CNN Set, October 16, 2008].

Here's the video where you can see and hear Shelley Wynters in his own words:

After seeing the tapes, one has to wonder if Shelley Wynters also believes that Deborah Honeycutt has sold out her conservative principles by publicly declaring that she supports the "least conservative candidate that the Republican Party could put up for the presidency." After seeing the tapes, one has to wonder if Wynters' statement, "Where I think James[T. Harris] has sold out - is on his principles as a conservative. James calls himself a conservative but he supports the least conservative candidate that the Republican Party could put up for the presidency.", applies to Republican Honeycutt as well.

Republican Honeycutt is, after all, backing John McCain for president.

Why don't you give Shelley Wynters a call and find out for yourselves. He hosts a radio show on the US Talk Network weekdays from 11AM to 1PM. Here's the call-in number:

(866) 429-9755

Ask Shelley Wynters if he's as two-faced as he appears.