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21 October 2008

Small Business Group Announces T.V. Ad Campaign For Saxby Chambliss

Trust in Small Business (TISB) PAC today announced its endorsement of Republican Saxby Chambliss who is currently locked in a close race with Democrat Jim Martin for U.S. Senate. TISB, a national political action committee supporting pro-small business candidates, also announced the launch of a television ad campaign in support of Sen. Chambliss touting him as a "proven friend of small business."

The Chambliss ads are scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 26th. Chambliss is one of seven candidates nationally who are being supported with a round of television ads on their behalf paid for by TISB.

The ad cites that "small business can not survive more tax increases, government mandated healthcare and continued reliance on foreign oil." It asks voters to help "keep small business the engine that drives America's economy and creates jobs for our family and friends. Vote for a proven friend of Small Business: Vote Saxby Chambliss for Senate."

According to the small business group, Chambliss earned an "A" rating for repeatedly demonstrating his commitment to small business. TISB says that once re-elected, Chambliss will continue to make job creation and economic security his top priorities; strive to improve America's position in the international marketplace; reduce government waste, and cut regulation that stifles small business and competition.

In campaign finance reports filed with the FEC, Trust In Small Business PAC says they have raised $282,596 and have $206,433 in the bank [Source: Federal Elections Commission, "Trust In Small Business Political Action Committee (TISB PAC), September 30, 2008].