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30 October 2008

Republican Honeycutt Lashes Out At Media & Calls Ads By Scott Campaign "Lies"

Republican Deborah Honeycutt, who is challenging Democratic Congressman David Scott in Georgia's 13th district, called the recent negative ads against her lies and criticized the media for not reporting on the alleged ethical misgivings of the three-term Democratic incumbent.

"They [the Scott campaign] are in panic, desperation mode," Honeycutt said of the negative ads against her. "They don't know what to do because my message is resonating all over the district, so they have to resort to lies."

Responding to a new radio ad by David Scott suggesting that Honeycutt doesn't want to be around black people, campaign manager Michael Murphy added that Honeycutt was a member of the NAACP.

Honeycutt continued to deflect questions on the recently filed FEC complaint filed by the Scott campaign claiming that her campaign had violated campaign finance rules by funding the group "Democrats for Good Government."

"I haven't received any notification of a complaint," Honeycutt said. "All I know is the garbage my opponent has put out. I have asked my staff to look into it and when I know, you'll know, and we'll go forward from there."

Honeycutt went on to criticize the media for not reporting more on the allegations of corruption by Congressman Scott.

"There seems to be very little media attention on Mr. Scott and the things that other people have asked about him and his record," Honeycutt said. "I'd like to see you [the media] delve into those and print some articles about those things."