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08 October 2008

Rasmussen Reports Poll: Chambliss Leads By Six

Rasmussen Reports is out with new numbers that shows the Georgia U.S. Senate race between Democrat Jim Martin and Republican Saxby Chambliss relatively unchanged since their last poll taken in September.

The October 7th survey of 500 Likely Voters shows that incumbent Saxby Chambliss holds a six point lead over rival Jim Martin.

If the 2008 Election for United States Senator were held today, would you vote for Republican Saxby Chambliss, Democrat Jim Martin or Libertarian Allen Buckley?

Saxby Chambliss (R) - 50%

Jim Martin (D) - 44%

Allen Buckley (L) - 2%

Not Sure - 4%

[Source: Rasmussen, "Georgia’s Senate Race Holds Steady in October", October 8, 2008]

According to Rasmussen, in September, Chambliss led 50% to 43%. The month prior, the incumbent held a six-point lead.

The race among unaffiliated voters remains close, with Chambliss ahead 48% to 44%. While Chambliss has a 57% to 42% advantage among men, Martin leads 46% to 44% among women.

Chambliss is viewed favorably by 57% of Georgia voters and unfavorably by 37%. Martin’s ratings are 45% favorable, 38% unfavorable.

Two other polls released within the last week showed Martin nearly even with his Republican rival.