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16 October 2008

Quote of the Day: the McCain Campaign edition

"One thing Barack Obama has ensured is that no one will ever use the public financing system again," said McCain senior adviser Matt McDonald. "Obama has destroyed the system." [Source:, "Obama, McCain line up for red-state sprint", October 16, 2008]

For the record, this isn't a criticism of Obama.

The Obama campaign played the game the way they knew it was set up. They knew that being hampered by federal campaign expenditure limits was not a place they wanted to be. The Obama camp wanted to raise and spend as much money as they could, so they opted out of public financing.

The unfortunate result, however, is that future candidates will look at the 2008 Obama for America campaign and decide to opt out of public financing on the basis of not wanting limits on their fundraising and fund spending.

Until a system is put in place that will result in candidates of every political party choosing the route of public financing, then the McCain campaign is right. Campaigns financed by the public and free of special interest and PAC money is, for all intents and purposes, dead.